C25 Modular System


C25 Modular System

C25 Modular Systems is manufactured and complied with British Standard BS 1139:Part 5 and BS EN 12810- 1&2 and European Standard HD 1000.

The principle of the C25 Modular System is a self-locking pivoting wedge-key that engages with a stirrup. As soon as a horizontal member is placed on a stirrup, the wedge automatically swing and secures against the stirrup. C25 Modular System carry vertical load of 25 KN per leg. Main vertical tube members are 48.3mm (OD).

C25 Modular Systems is suitable for all applications as below:


C25 Standard

C25 Ledger

C25 Brace

C25 Jack Base

C25 U-Head

C25 Socket Base

C25 Castor Wheel

C25 Reinforced Ledger

C25 Board Bearer

C25 Toe Board

C25 Ladder Beam

C25 Small Post

C25 Stair

C25 S-Pin

C25 Walking Board