C60 Shoring System


C60 Shoring System

C60 shoring system is a type of heavy duty shoring system scaffold with modular components and parts of standard, ledgers, braces, triangle frames. It consists a self-locking wedge key attached to a stirrup. Once a ledger is in contact with a stirrup, the wedge automatically pivots for instant assembly. A simply knock to the wedge ensures the strength of the connection.

When wedging is carried out along the main axes, all ledges are guaranteed to be installed at a right angle. A ledger may, though, be fitted in any direction, there are no dead angles.

C60 shoring system allows a ledger to have a single centre distance, irrespective of post diameter. This feature means that identical ledgers, diagonals and planks are used on all of our systems fitted with the knot.

C60 heavy duty shoring system caring vertical load of 60KN per leg, and is made from high tensile steel with vertical member Ø 60.3mm (pipe), Horizontal member Ø 48.33mm and Diagonal member Ø 38mm. The system able to mix and match posts with different diameters according to the load-bearing requirements.


C60 Standard 2.0m

C60 Standard 1.0m

C60 Standard 0.3m, 0.5m, 0.75m

C60 Basic Standard

C60 Triangle 1.5m

C60 Triangle 0.7m

C60 Ledger

C60 Jack Base 600mm / 750mm

C60 Brace (H1.0m x L)

C60 U-Head 600m / 750m

C60 Brace (H2.0m x L)

C60 Board Bearer

C60 S-Pin

C60 Walking Board

C60 U-Head TF

C60 U-Head / TF (W)

C60 U-Adaptor

C60 T-Clamp

C60 J-Clamp

C60 Hollow Beam

C60 Displacement Frame C/W Castor Wheel

C60 Castor 200mm w C60 Jack Base 600mm

C60 Beam Holder

C60 Telescopic

C60 Adjustable Standard

C60 Base Hook 175mm

C60 Ladder 2.2m

C60 Table Form Lifter

Products Available (NEW)

C60 Heavy Duty Triangle 1.5 metre Frame

C60 Heavy Duty 2.0 metre Standard