MS1462 Steel Frame Scaffolding


MS1462 Steel Frame Scaffolding

Steel Frame Scaffolding is used as temporary structures on which persons work and which provide support for the materials used in building, construction, maintenance, repair and demolition works.

Note: This standard does not cover the usage of steel frame scaffolding as structural shoring

* Finishing : Painted & Hot-dipped galvanized

* Availability : Standard Sizes

– Special sizes : available upon request

– Other available finishing : Pre-galvanized

Steel Frame Scaffolding & Accessories (MS1462)

Finishing: Painted & Hot dipped galvanized

SA 101 Vertical Frame

SA 109 Adjusting Frame

SA 110 Horizontal Frame

SA 514 Stairs

SA 301 Cross Brace

SA 205 Walking Board

SA 601 Jack Base

SA 602 U-Head

SA 701 Joint Pin

SA 801 Arm Lock

SA 501 Wall tie

SA 486 Fixed / Swivel Clamp

SA 486P GI Pipe

Steel Frame Scaffolding & Accessories – Special Sizes

Finishing: Painted, Hot-dipped galvanized & Pre-galvanized

SA 104 Vertical Frame

SA 105 Vertical Frame

SA 107 Ladder Type Frame

SA 110 Adjusting Frame

SA 121 Vertical Variation Frame

SA 901 Safety Net

SA 603 Castor Wheel